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Learn to play piano onine doesn’t have to be difficult.  There are literaly hundreds of ‘learn to play piano app’ as well as ‘how to play piano youtube’.  Today we’ll show you some of the basics on how to learn piano by yourself so you can get started today.  Let’s get straight into it …

Piano Chords

If you’re just starting out at the piano, you may feel overwhelmed. Things like posture, note values, rhythm, keys, fingering and hand position are not always easy to remember. The trick is to keep revising the basics until they feel natural.

Start simple – posture and note values. When you feel more confident, mix up the note values to create different rhythms. Slowly, slowly you’ll see results. Thankfully there are a few basic piano lessons for beginners that you can watch even away from the piano to make sure you don’t forget the basics.

If you’re a newbie to the piano but want to expand your repertoire, have no fear, technology is here. There are lots of easy piano songs to play on keyboard and easy piano songs for beginners with letters printed above or below the notes. These range from standards all the way to simplified editions of current hits.

If you’re not great at reading notation, start with easy piano songs with letters (key names) printed through the standard notation. This will help you associate the notation with the correct letter name and give you a visual reference to how far away the key is away from Middle C.

There are lots of piano lessons for beginners free online, but you need to make sure that the lessons and information are being given by someone who is actually trained. Lots of qualified piano teachers have websites or YouTube channels – they are definitely better sources of information. Remember, it comes down to quality of information, not just quantity.

If you’re trying to go beyond primers and basics, the best thing you can do is search for easy piano songs sheet music. These are usually graded (right hand only, hands together single position, chords, etc) and have simple rhythm and key structures that make it easier for a beginner pianist.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  Even though you may be a pianist, music notation is written so that all musicians, regardless of chosen instrument, can read it.  That means, you can also search for music meant for a recorder, flute or violin.

If you’re after free piano lessons for beginners, there’s lots of ways you can go.  You can try to find a local piano teacher, get your hands on some primer books, or search for piano lessons on YouTube

Run a quick search for “how to play piano for beginners step by step” and you’ll quickly find that there are hundreds of different methods. Regardless of what style you want to learn, there are some common elements. First of all, posture. Whether you’re playing chords in a band or going through a 10 page Chopin Etude, you need to make sure that your body is in a position to support what you are doing. The next is being able to read music. This includes understanding rhythm as well as pitch. It doesn’t have to be hard and can easily be mastered.

Do you really want to know how to learn piano by yourself? The magic secret lies in persistence and routine. You need to set yourself a time every day and commit to it. There are a number of beginners’ piano songs and you can always download piano video lessons to help guide your technique, but really, it comes down to daily practice

My favourite piano books would have to be from the John Thompson’s series. These books are a tried and true staple for many piano teachers and they integrate good technique with theory in small, understandable bite-size pieces. For younger beginners, start with the “John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course Part 1”. This can be supplemented with his book “Teaching Little Fingers to Play”

Once upon a time, pianos were all acoustic and you could choose between an upright or a grand. Sizes would differ, but those were the main two choices. Since then, we’ve now got a range of different electronic keyboards as well as digital pianos to choose from. When choosing a digital or electronic option make sure that the keys are touch responsive and weighted. This mimics the action of a real piano and ensures that your hand posture is correct. It also should give you a more realistic acoustic sound.

Chords are a great way to transform a simple melody into something that is more professional. Once again, you can download piano chords videos or check out synthesia videos on YouTube for piano chords for popular songs. The trick is to understand what key the piece is written in. Move your left hand to sit on that key and then build up, for example if your work is in C major, you want to use the key note of C, add the third above, which is E and then add a third above that which is G. Altogether, you should now have C E and G.

Apart from the John Thompson series of books, another standard is the Alfred Piano Course. Once again, this is a great series of books that have been written with specific age groups in mind ensuring that language and techniques are appropriate.

Every good pianist knows to begin practice with scales but apart from that, there are lots of specialist exercises that will encourage speed, strength, flexibility and dexterity enabling you to play the most difficult passages with confidence and ease. Some of these are Hanon and Czerny. Hanon is particularly good for younger pianists

If Jazz music is more your style then have no fear, once again, there are keyboard lessons online. Jazz music is somewhat more forgiving for new pianists as it actively embraces notes that are not seen in traditional Classical harmony and rhythms tend to be looser.

Once you’ve gotten your hands on some decent primers you should start to explore more sounds, music from the past is a great way to do that and thankfully there are lots of easy piano songs with letters or free printable piano sheet music for popular songs. Handy hint is to add “easy piano sheet music pdf” to the end of whatever song you’re trying to find! This usually filters music out so that it’s easy as well as printable!

We know that there are lots of free piano tutorial videos out there but you may find that your local music school may have seasonal offers where they offer an introductory piano lesson for beginners. Some even have beginner piano lessons for adults!

A good primer should be easily understood and engaging.  Another really good series is the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library series.  Apart from beginner piano songs with letter notes, they also have more advanced piano lessons and there are channels on YouTube that go through the piano lessons for adults online.

Learning to play piano for adults can be quite different. Even though there are quite a few piano lesson books for adults you really need to take a few minutes to go through them and see which one makes sense to you. Unlike children whose brains are more “plastic” when it comes to learning, adults tend to be quite fixed as they know how they learn best. As a result, you need to visit a music store or see if you can view book excerpts before you jump in and make a purchase.

Easy piano songs for beginners is where it’s all at. Once you have learnt the basics you really do just need to explore. It’s probably a good idea to start with songs that you already know what they sound like – Disney tunes, Christmas carols and things like that are good as they have already wormed their way into your subconscious and you will be able to connect pitch and rhythm together.

Let’s be honest, most people want to sound good immediately. Easy piano songs that sound complicated is a good way to achieve that goal – you’ll find that the melody is often in the right hand and it’s the left hand that does the magic. By using chords, broken chords or a flowing Alberti bass, you’ll be able to sound like a professional in no time. You can create your own bass line from free piano sheet music, all you need is the right- hand melody and a little time and patience. To create a glowing accompaniment, make sure the chord you use has the right- hand melody note inside it.

You’ve got a piano, you’ve got some great primer books, you’ve checked out some awesome tutorial sites.. Now what? If you’re really stuck, go back to basics and look for easy piano songs for kids. Even if you’re an adult, you’ll find that kids music is generally easier to read (because its in a larger font), is often more colourful and the language is simpler. This is actually a nifty trick for people who may not have English as their first language. Illustrated directions and tips make things a little easier.

One of the hardest things to master is note reading or notation. It isn’t enough to be able to read it, you should also be able to write it and develop an inner ear for it. That means that when you are looking at a score, you should have a rough idea of what the piece should sound like. Those of us with “perfect pitch” are able to associate the notated script with a specific pitch and then produce that sound by voice.

It’s so tempting to get that free second hand piano that you saw off Facebook but please don’t. There’s nothing worse than getting a piano that is essentially a giant paperweight. Pianos should be tuned before and after each move to ensure it’s in tune. Ideally, they should also be tuned once a year or thereabouts if they are to be played daily. Other factors like humidity and exposure will also play a part in choosing a piano. For a beginner, it pays to do your research or talk to a piano technician. A good piano will help you learn and master piano faster!

Ideally, we would all be able to get through learning piano notes quickly and then move to easy piano sheet music with letters printed on it with piano lessons YouTube being an option for extra help if we needed it. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case but it does help to know that there are learn to play piano videos out there to help when things go awry.