We say that Major and Minor scales are related when they share key signatures.

To find out the relationship between Major to Minor scales count down 3 semitones.

For example, C major has no sharps and no flats.

To find out the minor scale which has no sharps and no flats in the key signature count down 3 semitones.


Major & Minor Scales …


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Scales are at the very foundation of piano music.

They are the very first things you learn as a pianist and a musician for a very good reason.

They teach technique, fingering, control, agility and dexterity whilst encouraging a good ear for music and finger strength.

The scales in this course have been grouped according to the circle of fifths, adding a new sharp / flat slowly to ensuire you attain mastery of each scale before progressing to the next.

This course helps you to develop your skills as not just a good pianist but a great musician.

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