Learn how to play piano with these top 25 piano videos. Get inspired next time you play with these easy step by step piano lessons anyone can learn anytime.

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Most people see a piano and immediately conjure up images of passionate virtuosos playing emotionally charged pieces to stunned audiences.  If you weren’t forced into piano lessons as a kid, don’t fret because there is an absolute plethora of beginner piano lessons for adults available. These can help you go from beginner to advanced pretty quickly.

Piano Chords

The best place to start, if you’re going to teach yourself piano online, is to look for tutorials that are aimed at how to play piano for beginners step by step.  Now everyone learns differently, so this means that you might prefer to start with easy piano songs for beginners with letters  or even better still, look for piano notes chart that will show you where the keys are.

This John Legend song is another popular piece for easy Piano chords.  I’ll set this one in the key of F.  Use an intro progression of 4 chords – Am F C to G.  The verses will also use these chords.  That’s it! Easy!

If you are going to learn how to play piano online, you’ll definitely want to create a folder for all your sheet music.  There’s lots of free sheet music and even some great keyboard tutorial pdf and lessons on how to read music notes as pdfs for you to print out and refer to later on.  Create your own music folder and you can create a truly individualised learning experience.

Need some work on your knowledge of key signatures?  This is one of the essential bits of musical knowledge if you’re going to teach yourself piano and really move beyond the beginner stage.  It doesn’t have to be painful, really all scales are made up of the same pattern and we learn them in a certain order, called the circle of 5ths.  The pattern is made up of tones and semitones.

Ah Adele, you’ve done much for pianists and budding singers with your gorgeous voice and melodic songs.  The original key is in Fm and begins with an intro of Em, G, D and C.  Like “All of Me”, these 4 chords are repeated throughout the entire song, creating the harmonic backbone of the piece.

“Say Something” by A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera is a great example of a pop song that’s guilt around easy Piano chords.  Really, you can Play this piece based on A minor, F major, C major and a G chord.  Its repetitive nature means you can improvise positions.

Let it GOOOOO, let it GOOOO.  I know you just sang that.  If you haven’t heard this song then you have been hiding under a rock.  This is THE SONG from Disney’s monster hit Frozen and kids the world over wanted to learn to play piano because of it.  Here’s how to play this:

Whether you’re beginner of advanced, learning how to play the piano is a lifelong journey.  The most important aspects range from basics techniques such as posture and sitting position to chords, scales, arpeggios and more.  Check out the video clip to learn how to play the piano.

If you’ve ever dreamed of playing the piano but didn’t have the time to practice or the space to put a piano, don’t stress.  Technology can come to your rescue with lots of apps, just search “learn piano app android” or “best piano app iphone” and you’ll be a pianist in no time.

Team Edward or Team Jacob.  This was the era of Twilight and Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years captured all that angst perfectly with its restrained melody and gentle lyrics. Students everywhere were hunting for easy piano pop songs sheet music just to try and replicate all those feelings.  Now you can too 😉

Definitely not a piece for the more conservatives, this musical gem by Dr Dre featuring Snoop Dogg came out in 2011.  Since then, thousands have searched for how to learn piano notes for the underlying ostinato piano motif

Of course, there are lots of ways to learn how to play the piano by yourself.  You can look for piano notes for songs, find a learn to play piano app or even google how to play piano on YouTube.  In the end, the only thing that matters is the result

Coming out in 2011, Titanium was the child of David Guetta and featured Australian songwriter and singer, Sia.  It’s fair to say it was searched pretty comprehensively with lots of people wanting to download piano video lessons for it.

Learning how to play the piano doesn’t have to be hard.  But it does take a little time and patience.  The easiest way to get started is to learn how to play piano chords.  Chords are great for bulking up songs and creating new harmonies that create interest.

If you really want to teach yourself piano, you also have to work on technique.  That means scales, arpeggios and other exercises to build your strength, flexibility and speed.  You’ll need to do these fairly regularly if you want to see any improvement.  Try to aim for around 15 minutes a day.

Search piano lessons for beginners or easy piano songs for kids and Silent Night is sure to pop up. This perennial favourite has stood the test of time and for good reason.  It’s singable melody and simple rhythm is known throughout the world.  Once you learn it you can twist and turn it a million different ways and even better, you’ll always have something to play at Christmas gatherings.

If you’re after how to play piano songs, one of the most popular has got to be Vanessa Carlton’s 2009 hit A Thousand Miles with its catchy piano motif.  Break it down and enjoy playing it yourself!

If you’re someone who wants to teach yourself keyboard, then you can’t go past Leonard Cohen’s great anthem “Hallelujah”.  It has honestly been covered by musicians from all genres and still resonates with people today.

Wanna know a little secret? You can create easy chord progressions for Gospel music using only a few chords.  The trick is to use the IV of IV – IV – I.  Let’s try to break that down a little more.  For example, we’re in C major.  The IV is F major chord (FAC).  The IV of the IV is Bb D F (count up from F to get to Bb).  Use this chord in first inversion that is, use D F then Bb. The next chord should be the IV (FAC) in second inversion C F A.  Then move back to the C chord in root position.  Ta da. Walking Gospel progression

It all began here.  Adelle’s emotional hit, Someone Like You took the world by storm with her haunting lyrics and raw vocals. Again, if you’re into self teaching piano keyboard this is one for you. Close the windows and doors (or not) and sing it out loud and proud as you play!

21 Pilots is an American band that came out in 2009 and is best known for the track Heathens which was recorded for the movie Suicide Squad which featured an all star cast and an even better soundtrack.

Another international standard is Amazing Grace.  Its familiar tune has been used to bring comfort to many when words simply fail.  This is one of those easy songs to play on keyboard that will have a huge impact.

One of the best beginner piano songs with letter notes is Happy Birthday.  Add some fancy-schmancy chords and it becomes one of those “easy piano songs that sound complicated” that you can use to impress your nearest and dearest.