Top 25 piano chords songs for you to play regardless of age, background or skill. From love songs, Christmas songs, revelation songs and much more.  While you’re here, don’t forget to download our free Printable Piano Chord Chart

Before you can jump into arranging chords for songs, it probably helps if you have a crash course in piano chords songs for beginners.

Piano Chords

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because a song is in a major key that it can’t contain minor chords.  You’ll find that piano minor chords can work quite well, especially if they are 7th chords as the resolve nicely into a major.

If you’re just starting to look for piano chords songs for beginners or easy songs to play on keyboard you really can’t go past Christmas carols.  After all we’ve all grown up with them and there are hundreds of ways to play them.

Sometimes it helps to have a piano chord chart in front of you when you’re working out new harmonies.  In general, once a key has been established, the chords are usually based on the 4th note of the scale and the 5th note of the scale.  If it helps, you can download a free keyboard chords chart or search for a printable piano chord chart to help with a few piano chord songs.

Released by Elton John in 1970, this song has never gone out of style.  In fact, it was used in Moulin Rouge in 2001!

Learning piano chords songs online is pretty painless – there are so many videos, charts, tutorials out there.  Sometimes you just need to see it all put together first.  Sarah Bareilles’ “Love Song” is a tongue in cheek number that is great for practising chords. Its thumping bass allows you to float the melody on top.  Great for bands!

Piano chords songs for beginners are usually no more than 3 notes and are in root position – that means you’ll play a 3 keys each a third apart.  There are some popular chord progressions that you’ll see used and re-used though and that does make things a little easier.  Just be aware to transpose them to different keys to suit the song if you are going to be singing along.

Revelation Song was released by Kari Jobe in 2013 and is a Christian anthem that resonated with the masses. No pun intended 😉

If you’re lucky you can even find easy piano songs sheet music that already has chords in the notation.  Otherwise, look for a score that has guitar chords notated across the top in either tabs or normal letters.  These will tell you what chords to use.  If the chords are are written like this “A” it means use an A major chord, if you see “A min” or “Am” it means to lower the third and play an A minor chord instead.

We’ve already seen one way to approach this Elton John mega-hit, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat…. not that we’re advocating skinning felines.  That’s a felony. Not to mention all kinds of wrong.  Let’s say that you found it through searching for easy piano songs with letters, as we saw earlier, you can use those letters to generate the chordal accompaniment.

We all want quick results and being a musician is no different.  We want to be able to whip out amazing songs but sometimes it’s easier to search for easy popular songs to play on piano and then make it sound more fancy–schmancy by using chords in a variety of ways

As I write this, we’re heading into Christmas and the carols are everywhere.  One of the more recent classics is The Christmas Song which has been just released on Michael Buble’s Christmas Album.  This sounds great if you just play the piano chords songs and sing the melody. Let’s have a look at how to play it…

Going through an Adele phase? Us too.  As soon as it came out, lots of fans started hunting for the piano chords songs for “Someone Like You” so they could unleash their inner Adele (and angst).

Still trying to find piano chords for songs by Adele? No worries.  Songs like “Rolling in the Deep”, “Make You Feel My Love”, “Set Fire to the Rain” and “Skyfall” can be found in a variety of arrangements.  Go for the easy piano chordal arrangements and you can’t go wrong.

Like Elton John’s “Your Song”, “Love Song” has a few different arrangements out there.  Listen to as many as you can and then try to give it your own special twist – vary your chord positions as well as the pitch of the chords.

It’s true! If you’re learning piano chords you may already know this but most piano chords for songs are really a variation of 4 magic chords!

If you’re not wanting to get into too much theory detail, or really, learn how to read music notation, you can still play chords.  Learning piano by chords is actually a good way to train your ear to dissonances in music.

Let’s say you’re into analysing music and you want to know the ins and outs of why music sounds the way it does.  learning how to play chords on piano just isn’t enough, you want to learn how to read piano chords songs in terms of harmonic analysis.

The most Christian hymn tunes is Amazing Grace.  A song of both peace, hope as well as mourning, it has been performed by musicians of all kinds.

Sometimes you’re just given a lead sheet which has the chords and lyrics printed below them.  In this case, it’s hoped that you are familiar with the melodic line and you are able to fit the chords into the lyrics at the right times.

Pyramid Song by Radiohead came out in 2001 and has a couple of great piano chord arrangements.

Originally created by Bob Marley in 1980, this has recently been re-done by John Legend.  You can learn how to play it here

The Axis of Awesome revealed the magic chords that hold the secret to all songs.  These aren’t just keyboard chords, these can be adapted to guitar as well

John Legend’s “All of Me” is a popular song, there’s no doubt about it, and you can easily find piano lessons for beginners for the piece.

Thanks to YouTube and Synthesia, you can pick up piano chords for songs free and quickly! Just make sure you be specific in your searches.