Learn how to play Piano Chords using these easy step by step video clips.

Piano chords are great for creating a fuller sound in music.  They add interest and colour to support a melody.  Most pop songs follow a fairly standard progression of easy piano chords, as you’ll see later on.  Usually this is limited to 4 or 5 chords related to the tonic key. Youtube lessons are great for piano chords!

Piano Chords

Don’t be put off by the sharp sign.  Another name for this chord is actually Ab and it’s a beautiful sounding chord that isn’t as “bright” as it’s other major chord counterparts.  To play it, use G# (or Ab), C and D# (Eb)

As far as piano chords for popular songs go, piano chords for beginners get a good foundation in Billy Joel’s “Piano Man”. This enduring classic is based on 4 chords, C major, F major, G major and a flash of A minor. Sing along and see if you can identify each of the chords throughout the vocal melody.

Keyboard chords aren’t hard but they do take practice and concentration.  Listen to what you create and let your ear guide you. No need for music lessons online or a piano teacher!

This is another chord that isn’t as common but still great to know.  From the F chord, rise everything up a semitone so you now should have F#, A# and C#.  All black keys!

Wanna know a little secret? You can create easy chord progressions for Gospel music using only a few chords.  The trick is to use the IV of IV – IV – I.  Let’s try to break that down a little more.  For example, we’re in C major.  The IV is F major chord (FAC).  The IV of the IV is Bb D F (count up from F to get to Bb).  Use this chord in first inversion that is, use D F then Bb. The next chord should be the IV (FAC) in second inversion C F A.  Then move back to the C chord in root position.  Ta da. Walking Gospel progression

There are lots of free sites available that walk you through chord progressions and piano chords for popular songs. You can easily make your own piano chords for songs too.

Ok let’s transform the F major chord into an F m piano chord.  Take the A and lower it into an A flat one semitone down.   Voila.  learning piano chords isn’t too hard!

This is another one of the 3 piano chords for beginners.  Like the F chord, it’s based entirely on white keys.  Begin on G, take the B and then add the D.  Easy keyboard chords for all – WIN

“Say Something” by A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera is a great example of a pop song that’s guilt around easy piano chords.  Really, you can play this piece based on A minor, F major, C major and a G chord.  Its repetitive nature means you can improvise positions.

Learn to play piano onine doesn’t have to be difficult.  There are literaly hundreds of ‘learn to play piano app’ as well as ‘how to play piano youtube’.  Today we’ll show you some of the basics on how to learn piano by yourself so you can get started today.  Let’s get straight into it …

This John Legend song is another popular piece for easy piano chords.  I’ll set this one in the key of F.  Use an intro progression of 4 chords – Am F C to G.  The verses will also use these chords.  That’s it! Easy!

So now we’re going to move to a D chord.  Basing this off the D major scale we’re going to put down D, F# and A.  Remember, if we want to make it a minor chord, we lower that middle note by a semitone.  All of a sudden, we now have D F A forming a D minor (Dm) chord

Let’s step up a semitone to C#. This chord isn’t as common but don’t stress, you won’t have to learn how to play the piano to get this chord.  Take the C#, the F and the A#. Done! To make it a minor, replace the F for an E.

If ever there was a set of piano chords for beginners, this is it. To build a straight C chord, we then skip a 3rd to the key of E and then skip another 3rd to the key of G.  You should now have C, E and G put down. Now if you’re a pianist, you’ve got two hands, we can create a stronger sense of the key by doubling the root note C in the bass.

The A chords are interesting because A minor is the relative of a C major, you’ll find that a lot of popular songs that have been arranged to have piano chords for beginners feature the A minor chord.  To play it, put down the A, C and E. To play the major version, put down the A, C# and E

Got the hand of the B chord? Add some variety and lower the D# to a normal D and you now have a B minor piano chord.

So now we get to the fun chord! You don’t need to panic. It’s as easy as the other piano chords.  Take the B, add the D# and now add the F#.  See? Easy chord.

This is one of 3 piano chords for beginners.  You don’t need piano lessons and you really don’t even need to learn to read music.  Put down the F, A and C.  No black keys needed

So now you’re confident with C M, otherwise known as C Major, let’s move to C minor.  Don’t panic, it’s one of the easy piano chords.  Take the E (middle key) and move it down a semitone to E flat.  This is actually true for all the minor keys.  Use the major chord and then lower the middle key down a semitone.

Ah Adele, you’ve done much for pianists and budding singers with your gorgeous voice and melodic songs.  The original key is in Fm and begins with an intro of Em, G, D and C.  Like “All of Me”, these 4 chords are repeated throughout the entire song, creating the harmonic backbone of the piece

Another one of the easy piano chords, you can play this without having to learn to read music.  Like C major it’s all white keys: E, G and B.  To make it major, use a G#

The main thing to take away from all this information is that chords are changeable.  You can have a piece in C major and easily use the IV to move into F major, touch on Bb major, into G minor… you get the idea.  Once you get the idea of chords you can play around with them, adding 7th notes to chords to create more richer harmonies and more exotic sounds

Another chord that is more known by its diatonic name, this is also known as the Bb chord.  A gorgeous sound, you can create it by putting down a Bflat, a D and the F.  Wanna make it minor?  Easy. Lower the D to a Db!

Learn to play piano onine doesn’t have to be difficult.  There are literaly hundreds of ‘learn to play piano app’ as well as ‘how to play piano youtube’.  Today we’ll show you some of the basics on how to learn piano by yourself so you can get started today.  Let’s get straight into it …