Top 25 Piano Tutorial Videos With Easy Step By Step Instructions For You To Follow. Learn These Easy Piano Tutorial Lessons Regardless Of Age Or Skill

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Learning the piano has never been so easy.  Thanks to apps, videos and free sheet music, anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano, now can.  Some online learning companies allow you to download piano video lessons and will also provide easy piano songs with letters.

Piano Chords

As with anything, you can’t just learn the piano by osmosis.  You will need some guidance and of course, time and practice.  Lots of practice. So. Much. Practice. But that doesn’t mean it has to be hard or boring.  There are lots of easy piano songs for kids and slow easy piano songs that will help you build your skills and confidence.

John Lennon’s “Imagine” came out as an anthem for peace, how sad that decades later, we’re still praying for the same thing.  Nonetheless, his music with their heartfelt lyrics are known around the globe and speak a universal language.  This piece is great as part of a beginner piano lesson for adults as everyone would be familiar with the melody.  It’s one of those easy piano pop songs with sheet music.  What are you waiting for??

John Legend’s “All of me” came out 4 years ago and since then has been played on radios all around the world.  On YouTube, it’s racked up more than 1.2 billion views.  To say it’s popular would be an understatement and yet, it’s surprisingly easy to play on the piano and great for beginners. All of me piano chords and lyrics popped up everywhere and most pianists did their own “All of Me” piano cover. If you want a good piano tutorial for “All of Me” check out:

Coming out in 2011 was David Guetta and Sia’s hit song “Titanium”.  You can start learning piano notes for this one immediately and there is a great piano tutorial for beginners. To make it easier for yourself, maybe focus on one hand at a time and also get your hands on some of the easy  sheet music that’s out there.

This song was huge in its own right but when combined with the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, it just exploded with new levels of meaning.  This hit by The Fray came out 8 years ago and it’s still being played and loved.

Adele’s raw and soulful voice has captured fans all around the world and her single “Hello” was no exception.  There have been no shortage of piano tutorials or videos with piano chords.  One of the most popular is the synesthisa midi and YouTube tutorial which gets you learning this piece much faster.

21 Pilots is an American band that came out in 2009 and is best known for the track “Heathens” which was recorded for the movie Suicide Squad which featured an all star cast and an even better soundtrack.  Not your normal piano fare, this is definitely going to be great for those who are really motivated in piano chords in popular songs.

We mentioned Synthesia earlier, and whilst that does have a free option, to get the full benefit of what this app can do, you will need to pay (welcome to the 21st century).   But there are other options out there for both android and iphones.

Speaking of Adele, let’s go back to the beginning with her break-out hit “Someone Like You”.  It took the world by storm with her haunting lyrics and raw vocals. If you want to learn how to play piano songs on your own, this one’s a good one.

This one may not be as well known but Hillsong’s “Ocean” (Where Feet May Fail) is one of the most searched for piano tutorials on YouTube with dozens of free synthesia piano videos up to teach pianists how to cover this hit.

There are lots of easy popular songs to play on piano and “Say Something” by A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera is one of them.  Built on F major, C major and a G chord, its repetitive nature means you can improvise positions and get some good chord practice in.

Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” is actually the third movement of his Suite Bergamasque and has captured pianists since it was first published in 1905.  It has been simplified for beginners and is now found in many arrangements of easy keyboard songs with letters.  Once again, you can find tutorials on YouTube that use synthesia free to guide you through this piece.

Racking up more than 8 million views since it was released, Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me” is a great song if you are after easy piano pop songs.  If you’re really lucky you might even be able to ferret out some sheet music or find it under easy piano songs for beginners with letters.

A Bruno Mars song (couldn’t you tell?), this song is all about loss and the simple melody combine really well with the lyrics and raw vocals to create an ear worm that Just. Won’t. Die. IF you search for easy piano songs sheet music, this is one that will pop out.  Of course, there are also a few piano tutorials using the synthesia software as well.

If anyone asked you to name a classical piano piece there are a few obvious answers that would definitely pop up.  Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” is one and so is Mozart’s “Rondo Alla Turka”.  The great thing about both these pieces is that they have passed copyright which means free classical piano sheet music! Yaaay! If note reading isn’t your thing (and if not, whyyyy??) here’s a cheaty video.

Panic! At The Disco’s  ‘This Is Gospel’ came out a few years ago now and was featured on their album, Too Weird To Live.  There have been a few covers of this, with a really nice acoustic piano version also being released. If you’ve been wanting to try your hands at this piece, have no fear,  there are plenty of easy piano tutorials for beginners available!

Music has always been linked to religion, in fact the rise and development of Western music as we know it is single-handedly the result of religion as in its early days, it was the Church that paid composers and musicians.  Whilst that has changed, many people still go to religious services and music continues to remain an integral part of worship.  Whether that be Gregorian chant, Buddhist chant music, Christmas carols or pre-Baroque polyphonic motets, there’s no denying that music can raise the spirit.

Ok, let’s say that you aren’t a young child who will have the luxury of time and private tuition.  Let’s say, you’re an adult who has always had a passion for music and now has the time to start tinkering away but you don’t want to commit to lessons or exams.  There are lots of options for you and really, age is no barrier!

Oh Beethoven.  Was there ever a more tortured genius whose tortured heart poured forth such incandescent, immortal music?  He achieved more in his short, hard life than most of us ever will.  His legacy is truly immortal – his works include Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata, Rage Over a Lost Penny and Sonata Pathetique.  If you’ve never heard the full Moonlight Sonata, you really should…

Yiruma has a huge cult following among pianists, especially Asian pianists.  He also courted fame for this work as it was rumored that “River Flows In You” would be featured in the Twilight movie.  This song is gorgeous and has a simplicity that is quite deceptive.  Nonetheless, a quick “how to play piano YouTube” search will get you started in no time.

There are lots of easy piano tutorials for beginners and on youtube, you’ll find most of them use synthesia piano.  For those of you who don’t know, you can jump onto Youtube and learn how to play nearly EVERY pop song using the synthesia online videos.  A bit hard to explain, but they have a keyboard with coloured blocks above each key to indicate what note to play next.  It’s great because it means you don’t even have to read music.

Mad World was originally featured in the Donnie Darko movie and if you haven’t seen the original video clip for the song, you really, really should.  It’s very clever.. No spoilers.. Just have a look.

There are lots of easy piano songs out there, but really, you wanna just get some easy piano notes for popular songs, right? Who wants to spend hours of their time going through drills? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Alright, alright, I hear you.  Dear parents, I sincerely, unreservedly apologise for the damage I’m about to cause…

Easy popular songs to play on piano are always great – there are some pieces that are truly eternal.  Think “Amazing Grace” or Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played an instrument before, you know the melody and what it should sound like.